Friday, July 29, 2011

Update #1

We finally have our blog setup. We'll be blogging alot throughout our development process to keep you guys updated. We're going to call this code name "Megaman X : Eclipse".

More details about the blog, forum website, etc. will be coming soon, but for this post I'd just like to log our updates.

The past 3 days have basically been following this routine: Get up, work on the game, eat, work on the game, sleep. I didn't really realize I was following that routine till tonight, at 2:00 AM on the 3rd day (2 hours into the 4th). Anywho, here are the updates.

  • We have an armor designer now, which will be a big help. 
  • We have thought of all the armor upgrades, and will be brainstorming armor designs soon.
  • Armor capsules were added, text boxes as well. Although we need to make an armor upgrade animation. If anybody knows where to find some, we'd be happy to know where. 
  • We have thought of all 8 bosses and their level settings. 1 may or may not change though.
  • Pause menu with subtanks working completely, just need to add weapons, icons, etc. Still need to add a settings menu.
  • Many gameplay tweaks and bug fixes in preparation for the upcoming demo, no set release date. We will be designing a whole new level for it.

There are many more updates but they are more to the developers eye than the players eye that would fall under the category of "Gameplay tweaks and bug fixes".

All is looking very well for Eclipse.

Oh, and don't expect this game to be easy. We want to make it challenging.

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