Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Update #3

The last few days have been a little crazy. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the time to post a new update for you guys.

The team had a discussion today about how levels are going to look and feel like. The storyline is coming together well, nothing set in stone but we all have brought some really interesting ideas to the table.

As far as gameplay goes, the ride armor is nearly complete. If you noticed the wallsliding looked a bit shaky in our video, that has also been fixed along with some other bugs. Keep updated on our YouTube channel for any more videos that may be posted soon!

We also decided to play through Megaman X2 today. It's been awhile since I played it through, but this time I was doing more than just playing; I decided to study the level designs, physics, weapons, boss moves, etc. There were a lot of things that stood out to me that I had never noticed before, it'll definitely help us improve our ideas.

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