Monday, January 16, 2012

We have been working primarily on graphics this last month. Instead of working on one level at a time, we have been working on pieces for all of the levels. One of the things that we are planning on bringing back is the 'platform on a track', which was found in Storm Eagle's level and the 2nd Fortress level in Mega Man X 1. I was a big fan of the platform on a track, and always thought it should have been used more. 


  1. So is the main computer you guys use working again? Im so glad to see more progress on this game! Ive been replaying all of the X games wile I wait on this (= (Im at x3 now)

  2. We have a few different people with different computers working on this game. The computer that is used to bring all of the ideas together went down, but the hard drive is fine. A lot of the coding for the game is done, music is coming along smoothly, we know what we want the levels and bosses to be. Really the biggest thing for us right now is graphics, and we can work on that without the main computer for awhile, so it hasn't set us back that much.