Tuesday, October 23, 2012

System Requirements & Windows 8

We tried out Megaman X: Eclipse on a notebook with 1 GB ram and 1.6 GHz single core processor and it ran at 59 FPS. The cap is 60 FPS. What this means is that Eclipse is very computer friendly and you won't need a gaming computer to run it. That's the weakest computer we have tried it on and since it ran at near-fullspeed, I would say that those specs are the minimum for a full 60 FPS. We'll do some further testing later on.

You wouldn't expect a game like Megaman X to not be computer friendly; but sometimes the coding language and how it's coded by the developer can become very computer demanding, even if the game is simple. Fortunately this is a sign that my coding has been efficient speed-wise.

GameMaker Studio also just got support for Windows 8, so we'll see how that goes once Windows 8 is released.

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