Friday, January 25, 2013

Recent Feedback & Clearing Up Confusion

It's been truly encouraging to read all the feedback we've gotten this past month. The views on our blog have been pouring in from all kinds of different sites; whether it's from a Megaman fan site, or just an in-general game site. However, there seems to be some confusion on how Eclipse will be distributed to several platforms.

Megaman X: Eclipse will be primarily available on Windows and Android. It will not be on a marketplace and it will be completely free. Our announced list of platforms were: Windows, Windows 8, Mac, HTML5, Android, OUYA and Steam (which was recently added). I'll explain the situation of each.

I hadn't looked much into Windows 8 before we announced it but I believed that you could install non-marketplace apps to Windows 8. After doing some quick research it appears that you can, although I have no idea how convenient or inconvenient it may be. One of our team members just recently got a Windows 8 computer and has tested the regular Windows application with no issues at all. So as of right now, we won't spend time making a Windows 8 app since it can just run the regular Windows application.

If we want to put Eclipse on Mac, it requires us to have an Apple Developer license. With the list of platforms we have already we don't see the demand for a Mac version being that high. As far as I know HTML5 runs fine on Mac so you'll still be able to play it.

Now time to explain the Android support. Once OUYA was announced, we leapt at the first opportunity to start the development for Android. But now there are many other Android based consoles with each their own gimmick. As we said earlier, Eclipse will not be available on the marketplace. We will provide the download link for you to install it to any Android device that allows it. I've read that the OUYA will allow you to do that and Android smartphones should have an option in the settings for it.

As soon as I heard of the speculation for the Steambox I knew I had to get Eclipse on Steam. If you haven't used Steam before, it's basically a huge marketplace that you can buy and play video games through its interface. It has an awesome feature that allows you to add non-Steam games to your library. I've tested Eclipse with it and it works beautifully (shift+tab menu, and also on Big Picture); so it's for sure a go with Steam on PC. Steambox has yet to actually be revealed, so let's hope it'll allow importing non-Steam games as well.

Hopefully that cleared up some of the confusion! Again, Megaman X: Eclipse will not be on a marketplace, it'll be free, and all the download links will be provided by us.

aaand why not add a few screenshots.


  1. This is looking really good so far. I wish I had something I could add, I've asked my family to go searching through my boxes back at the homestead to see if they could find my zip drive and discs, as well as the external floppy.

    If I find anything at all, I'll be sure to share it with you. I'm anxious to see a playable demo soon!

  2. Hey Eclipse gang.... Just wanted to drop you a note that I sent a little something-something to your email. Check it out! -Josh

  3. @JC There's nothing that's to little to contribute! But hopefully they'll be able to find what you're lookin' for.

    @Josh We've emailed ya back! Really excited to see how it turns out.

  4. Great work so far! You mentioned earlier that eclipse is not suitable for touch screens and requires a physical controller(such as the Xperia Play) on android. What will you do about that?

  5. Virtual buttons on touch screen games just never felt right to me and I don't think they'll feel right for Eclipse. I played Megaman X for iOS and it felt absolutely awful. However, if it becomes a highly requested feature, I'll try to make the best touch screen layout I can.

    I also plan on adding bluetooth gamepad support for Android. This will all be later down the road, though.

  6. Hey gang, did you get the last email I sent? Later, dudes....