Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scorch Raptor Level Pictures

Thought we'd give ya an update.


  1. I feel like this blog could get updated more often. I check it as often as I can (usually twice a week) because I'm anxious to see when the demo comes out. I'll probably waste a day just playing it out, and then purposefully trying to break it to report bugs.

  2. A lot of the work recently has been behind-the-scenes stuff (testing & fixing bugs, fine tuning ride armor, setting the camera views, etc.). Finding the free time to work on this was pretty hard the past month but we worked on it whenever we could, taking a day or two break now and then.

    But now, we're really coming close to finishing the level. We're going to start putting in enemies and see which fit best where, and then get some "level events" coded. Unfortunately, Scorch Raptor hasn't been sprited yet so I don't know what we'll do about the boss battle. At least we have this half boss for now.

    1. Of course, programming something like this takes time. And without the proper resources (like a sprite artist willing to dedicate the time to spriting out entirely new creations) of course you run into setbacks.

      Far as the ride armor goes, I did find it interesting that the Chimera Ride Armor could stand on lava like that. I'm unsure if that's the way they worked originally or not, but I'm interested in seeing how you work with these. I'm super excited.

  3. When will you post the demo

    And, in your game will we can use a joystick?

  4. There is no set release date for the demo and there will be joystick support.

  5. Hey gang, just sent you another msg!


  6. Sent some more sprites your way, guys.... how are the final touches on the demo coming along?

  7. very nice but i can't get through that part with lots of spikes up and down, i always die at the "very end", not so sure its the end but seems to be since it has a very narrow path maybe one those spikes should be 1 tile down, if you're using tiles that is, but hey...very nice, i'm trying to start my own X project too, good luck to both of us and to whoever is also trying their best