Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Demo Boss Battle

We've got some very exciting news... the demo WILL have a boss battle!

If you haven't read our older posts, the demo will feature Scorch Raptor's level. We weren't entirely sure if we'd have Scorch Raptor sprited in time but thanks to Josh Shelton (the artist who designed Scorch Raptor himself) we've now got him nearly finished.

As for the progress update on the demo, we're getting closer. We want to fine tune this as much as possible. While everything in the demo is subject to change, we want to be able to look back on this demo when the game is finished and have it feel like it was literally just a 1 level version of the game. It will not feel like a half-finished prototype.


  1. I'm really excited now. I'm hoping for complete satisfaction. Any armors projected to be in the demo?

  2. The leg & arm upgrades will be in the demo, however there won't be any visual armor. It'll just be enabled for X's normal armor.