Saturday, August 24, 2013

MMX Eclipse Demo v1.01 Released

  • Added checks for shader support and compilation. This will prevent the game from crashing on computers that don't have shader supporting video cards. 
  • Added a message in the pause menu that tells you if your computer supports shaders
  • Moved the life bar up
Bug fixes:
  • Ride armor not being destroyed
  • Accuracy of the missile turtle when shooting to the right
  • X being frozen if you died while Scorch Raptor was dying
  • Half boss being able to hit you when falling off screen after dying
You can download it here


  1. Scorch Raptor would look even more cooler with his eyes like this:

  2. I like the demo. Solid engine, looking forward to the game.
    I did find a bug and though it was the neighborly thing to report.

    During this scene transition I went back to the left (not sure why) and instead of being crushed by the descending wall it just trapped me there. unable to get out had to close the game.

    1. Fixed in the next update! It'll kill you now instead haha.

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  4. The game is fine, just that the hardest part is when Megaman ago and there dash while jumping up and down spines close, and there are still and lose.
    Why not put the solution in a video on your channel?

  5. Wow man, best MMX fan game ever! Level is hard enough, megaman moves smoothly and nice that you can jump and then dash in mid-air! Very nice game, can't wait untill the full game is released :D

  6. Just tried it. Really like what I see of it so far. Have a few quelms though:

    1. There is a bug where you will go through the wooden platforms and fall to your death. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, its kind of annoying.

    2. The music is overall really good, but Scorch Raptor's stage is too repetive and the stage select theme is kind of underwhelming. I know they are just placeholders, so I will not hold you against it.

    Other then that, The game is amazing. It reminds me of the first time I played Megaman X and how badass it was.

    1. Appreciate the feedback. I've noticed the platform bug too, trying to figure out what causes that.

  7. Hi are you accepting help from other fans? Since i tried this demo i think i could be of help ^_^ have you finished making the other 7 robot masters or just level designs? anything i could help I'm an avid Megaman X fan

    btw i found a minor bug don't know if it's juct me but:

    When I get the 1UP on the lava part i seem to can't get out since when i jump out X grabs the wall instead of jumping out

    1. Send us an email with some examples of your work and we'll talk!

  8. Overall, I'm impressed.

    Notes for you:
    1. Even though the controls are quite smooth the majority of the time, they do become unstable at times. Not reacting at crucial moments. (Especially during the lava/spike part!)
    It can be hard to control the height of your wall jump.
    2. Jump dashing into a boss door can cause you to get stuck.
    3. On my 5th try on Scorch Raptor, I got stuck in the boss room door, by walking into it regulary. (With my shot charged, though)

    Something I do like is that you know that you made a hard game and therefore extended the limit of max extra lives. Instead of the old 9 in the original games.

    1. Can you elaborate how they're "unstable"? Is it the basic movement? Jumping?

      I'll look into the boss room door glitch. Charging a shot shouldn't affect anything.

  9. Please i need CheckPoint in this part

    1. We're looking to add in another checkpoint in that area.

  10. I have to say, I like the engine so far, but the lava/spike part is poorly designed IMO. (I'm not trying to criticize your work, I love it! These are just constructive criticism)
    Here are some ideas on the top of my head:

    1) The whole point is to go down, so velocity of the lava should be closer to X's slide down. I always find myself tapping the jump button trying not fall down nor going up. My jumps were pixel perfect and I didn't feel like I was playing a Mega Man X game. (that all is unless you plan on a upgrade that cancels slide like the Gaea Armor from X5)

    2) Make the ceiling make a sound and or vibrate a little (sorry bad english =P) before coming down to me. I can't say how many times I died like that because I was hopping on the wall trying not to fall too much.

    3) Make the lava and spikes more far away to each other.

    4) One hit kill? Seriously? Give me a chance! That's what made me SO MUCH TROUBLE! There was no room for mistakes! That made me throw my controller away a couple times.

    Well anyway. I'm not saying you should do all those above - hell I don't WANT you to! But please look into it. I know my Mega Man X, the engine is really close to the original, but level design here is just as important as movement.

    See ya!

  11. Overall, engine is really solid with a few minor glitches that I found.
    1. Getting stuck inside the boss door, which prevents any movement or anyway to get back or forward(people have mentioned it before)
    2. There are times when I jump onto the edge of a platform where X doesn't land properly. He stays "stuck" in the jump position and can't move. It is "fixable," by that I mean you can jump again and get out, but sometimes this glitch happens at the worst times (like during the lava section, basically means instant death)
    3. Isn't necessarily a glitch, but I played with an Xbox 360 controller, but I could not get the input to work with the analog stick. It only did it with the directional pad (which I personally don't like) this led to annoyance w/ dashing, for many times I was trying to move to the side, then X starts dashing upwards, which led to death many times during the lava/spike section. My 2 suggestions are a) to make config for you controls a little bit more flexible and b) have an option to disable the dashing by touble tapping on the directional pad (I never use it and it often times annoyed me during the demo)

    I will also talk about level design a little bit. Overall, very, very cool. It was very difficult, which also made it really fun. However, my major complaint was the lack of consistency in difficulty. The first half of the level was pretty easy. Nothing too difficult, I didn't die once the first time through. But then once I got to the lava section, the difficulty sky rocketed. My only suggestion is that you make the difficulty of the level more consistent, where either the lava section is a little easier, or make the beginning a little harder to make it a little less frustrating.

    Great demo!