Friday, August 30, 2013

MMX Eclipse Demo v1.02 Released

New Features:

  • "I'm Stuck" button. If you happen to get stuck in a wall and cannot move X, press Escape and it will kill X without taking away a life. You must be stuck inside something in order for this to work. 

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed wallshooters freezing when going off screen and coming back on
  • Fixed hearts respawning after dying
  • Fixed not being able to pause/unpause after Alt+Tab'ing
  • Fixed X moving too fast horizontally when dash wall jumping if left/right is held
  • Fixed getting stuck in gate before lava pit, it'll kill X now

X changes:

  • Wall jumping re-tuned

Level changes:

  • Checkpoint added between the spike roof area and lava ascension area
  • Lava will no longer be instant kill and it will move at a more reasonable speed.
  • Lava ascension area has been rearranged
  • Lava bursts now do twice as much damage to the ride armor
  • The mid-boss no longer moves up to the roof.

Enemy changes:

  • Hoganmer's health increased
  • Dig Labour's axe throwing improved
  • Wall shooters in lava pit won't shoot if submerged by lava
  • Extra life drop rate lowered. (We're working on finding out the true drop rate of SNES X games, but it's going to take a bit of research)

You can download it here


  1. Hi man, nice update! Finally I was able to get past that lava section! I noticed you put some more jumping shooting guys, but I could not find any of the little flamethrower enemies.. Were they left out? Overall nice game!

  2. Good game
    But it's very funny to have to be the other mavericks.
    Are you in it?

  3. Game is near perfect! The only thing missing in it for me is the double-tap forward to dash.

  4. @Hankabuya - Double tap for forward dash still works in this version..

    1. Your right! Found out this morning, long story short it was on my end =P

  5. Hi i played the demo before and finished it (v1.01) found that this version (v1.02) became really easy. I have some comments and suggestions i hope you would consider ^-^

    1. That effort you did to make the first version really hard came to waste as you added a lot of free 1ups around the area. Changes in the level design was not reasonable. Just make the level challenging but not really easy :c

    2. I noticed that X moves a bit faster descending from walls than before, I tried play mmx in an emulator and the previous version of your demo's wall descend was much smoother.

    3. This heart tank was unnoticeable before but now it is so it lost the point of it to be hidden

    Anyway please don't make it personal but i like the harder version better as it made me a better player on each retry i do. Cheers to the staff! and if you need help i'll be happy to do so :) I just don't know what I should message you in your e-mail.

  6. controls not working, I am unable to start the game, arrow keys zxc don't work.

    Running Win 7 64bit Ultimate.

    Tried both versions.

    Only key that works is F11 to bring it to full screen.

    1. Despite what the "Demo Release!" post said concerning the controls, in this version, A, S, and D are the controls that are set when starting up the game. However, going to the Game Options menu and hitting the default option will set the keys to Z, X, and C. Not sure what would keep the arrow keys from working so you probably can't reach this menu anyways. Hopefully someone else who knows more about it can help you.

  7. Hey. Downloaded the game yesterday and have become quite hooked. I've never even really played a Mega Man game before this one (except for a little bit of Mega Man 64 at a cousin's house several years ago). Now I'm going to have to obtain copies of the official titles as well.

    I do have a suggestion for the game that shouldn't be too hard to implement. I would like to see some sort of scoring system that takes into account things such as the amount of lives it takes to complete a level, the amount of overall damage taken in the level, the percentage of enemies taken out in the level (only counting the first spawn of each enemy; not the respawns), and the speed at which the player completes the level and calculates an overall score for the player's performance. Perhaps an online scoreboard which the player can connect to and post their scores could also be included. I believe something like this will add considerable replay value to the game as people constantly try to improve how skillfully and quickly they complete a level and the online scoreboard would add additional competition.

    Overall, I've like what I see so far and will definitely keep a watch on this. keep up the good work!

  8. OK im gonna be bold, i need help with my own mmx game in game maker studio. is there any way at all u can help me?

  9. Hi, I'm a game tester and I find 2 error in this demo, so please fix it:
    First, when you dash, but then terminate it and do not jump or change the direction, you can't dash again until you jump or change the direction. I'm sure about this, you still can fire, but you can't dash.
    Second, I'm not sure about this error, because it's not easy to do that, so sometimes I can, but another situation, not successful. When you fall to the thorn, you can refuse it by dashing. When you finish dashing, you will be destroyed like normal. I tried to dash on the thorn, then I climb on the wall and I can get through the thorn field without the platfom. Make sure that you can dash before you be killed, because sometimes I fall to the thorn field but don't dash immediately, you will be killed.
    There are something that I don't think it is error, for example: we can't dash-jump, can't set the keyboard,... But that's not big problem, I think you will fix it soon.
    Good luck for your project and your team. I hope in a good day we can work together.

  10. Cool how he gets the air dash from the beginning. It makes sense since in the last 2- 16-bit games in the X series, he started out with a normal dash. Air dash in the beginning can only mean more interesting challenges.

    -When you select a boss, the flash and fade out speed could be faster, at least 2x-4x. Otherwise the frame rate works pretty good.

    -Bullet reflections are one or two way diagonal. I'd suggest looking over the various directions the bullets go from X1, while shooting the shield of the green chain-mace robot, it'll help narrow down pretty much all reflections in the game.

    -Bullet limit/interval timing: The 3-burst interval for the bullets may need to be studied a bit more, especially when he gets nearer to the wall,I just tend to notice that difference, maybe I'm wrong.

  11. Scanner Idea:

    A good idea for an item or upgrade location would be for the head upgrade scanner to find it somewhere X2 wouldn't put it, and have the character fall or walk through an entrance masked with deadly spikes. The more sophisticated scanner would not just be limited to upgrades, hearts or sub-tanks, but it would have a labeling system to identify faster than the X2 scanner without using the fire button. As long as the scanner is selected as a weapon, it will automatically target multiple hidden locations, instead of one. It can identify and locate Life, weapon refills, and 1-ups which could also be randomly hidden, while it's running the user can also use the X-buster, since the scanner is automated.

  12. Just wanted to give out an update and a quick thanks to everyone who has downloaded the demo so far.

    The reason there haven't been any updates lately is because the main group of guys working on the demo are currently away at college for the fall semester. They were literally working down to the final minute during the summer to get the demo out before starting back to school. So the next time there will be an update will be when the guys get out for a short break.

    Thanks again for playing!

    -Josh (one of the sprite creators and boss designers)

  13. the game feels pretty accurate, but the stage music needs some work.

  14. Just playing the demo now. My over all impression is good, but the stage and boss seem like they still needs a little tweaking.
    That part at the end with the collapsing spike ceiling is a bit more annoying than an a challenge which wouldn't be that big a deal except you already made me go through the shaft with the threatening spike crusher AND a rising lava pit. They either need to be spaced more apart or tone down the collapsing spike ceiling section so the player is more likely to get through it on the first try. That will make it less of a chore and more fun. Also, I recommend having the rising lava pit first, then the spike crusher and wrap it up with the collapsing spikes. This will give the player a sense of increasing danger.
    As for the boss himself, he's pretty good and a good challenge, but there was one thing I found really annoying. When he falls back down to the ground after the lava geyser attacks if I'm standing behind him in what looks like a safe spot where I'm only overlapping his tail I get hit. Either shrink the collision box so that the player doesn't get hit or add spikes to the tail and animate it so it makes sense that I take collision damage from it.
    I only had one instance of getting stuck and that was right after doing a dash jump X got hung up on the corner of a block he landed on just right. I should also mention that the game runs slow on full screen on my machine and is difficult to view at my normal resolution of 1680x1050. You might consider adding in options to allow for 2x and 3x zoom modes.

    My pc specs are:
    OS is Windows 7 64-bit
    Windows experience index 5.0
    Pentium Dual-Core 3.2GHz
    4GB RAM
    GeForce 9400 GT 1GB

    I know it's a bit outdated, but I like to keep it like that for development purposes.

    1. This, pretty much. The game itself seems pretty solid and seems to have proper difficulty, but I've tried for hours on end trying to get past the falling spike area. Is it supposed to be that long and difficult to get past? It seems like the falling spikes always stay a few cells behind me, and that's fine, but I always get caught on the edge of a spike.

      Haven't seen the boss because of this.

    2. The lava sections on the level were something the guys had debated about quite a bit, it actually resulted in being easier than what was originally intended. But the majority of gamers who have played it so far seem to think that the difficulty could be reduced even further. It is still somewhat a work in progress, and they might return to this at some point to make further adjustments. At least as it stands right now, the lava won't kill you instantly if you happen to touch it, so there is some margin of error to work with.

      At this point, rather than change anything further on Raptor's level, I think instead they are planning to continue making the next level and next maverick boss.

  15. Hey there, just found a bug. I can stand on those spikes but the moment when i go right, the hit detection get's me:

    Also really flawless movement system! It is really awesome how i can rush with x trough these Levels! Hope to see something more!

    1. Good find! I tested it myself last night and got the same result. I sent a message to the guys and let them know it was there...

    2. Thank you for forwarding it! Hopefully the university stuff goes well and leaves time for more MMX Eclipse Action :)

  16. Perfect, those guys above are talking nonsense

    1. You sure about that? There's glaringly obvious problems with this demo. Which is why it's a demo/beta test version with one stage. All of the issues listed "above" are not nonsense, they're all quite legitimate. If you had a modicum of beta testing experience, you would understand how important these things really are.

  17. Perfect maybe this can help armor sprites Force.
    I have not found bug must have been lucky

  18. Now i wait this more than Megaman X Corrupted, continue this great game, its hard & the controls are same to SNES is a very good game and the mavericks have a very great design, tanks for make this.

  19. Hi Eclipse,
    I wanted to know if it will have any update for this game?

    1. It doesn't look this way. Unfortunately it looks like the project is on indefinite hold. Who knows why.

  20. Replies
    1. ACHO q é esse...:

  21. y el completo si ya etamo e 2k18

  22. me pregunto si este juego estara listo algun dia ? ya que veo que no siguieron, esta muy bueno. agregen los demas mavericks y etapas


  23. I wonder if this game will be ready someday? since I see that they did not follow, it's very good. they add the other mavericks and stages

  24. Eae o/
    Alguém sabe como posso entrar em contato com o desenvolvedor desse projeto?
    Se alguém conseguir entrar em contato com ele, me mande um e-mail, por favor.

    Howdy o/
    Does anyone know how I can contact the developer of this project?
    If someone can get in touch with him, send me an email, please